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Project Description
This is a collection of useful criteria for extending the personalization mechanism, Visitor Groups, in EPiServer CMS 6 R2 (or later).

NOTE: The Criteria included are optimized against EPiServer CMS 6 R2 RTM
All Criteria are available as individual packages on

Criteria included
Planned criteria
  • BandwidthCriterion. Lets you personalize based on client bandwidth available
  • MobileCriterion. Lets you personalize for a number of mobile devices
  • VisitedChildPageCriterion.Checks if a visitor has seen a certain number of child pages to a given page
  • BrowserHistoryCriterion.Checks if a visitor has visited a specified url in his browser history
  • BrowserLanguageCriterion.Match up visitors with content based on their language preferences
  • FacebookCriterion.Identify if users have "liked" your page on facebook - and potentially match on their facebook profile
  • LocalTimeCriterion.Consider local time-zones when matching on times
  • Your idea goes here
We'd love to hear your input on this - or even better add your code to this collection!
We are also looking for contributors - so if you have a great and useful criterion - or if you want to help make one that is planned, drop us a line.

Installation is easy - just install the zip as a module through DeploymentCenter - or unzip it into your project directory.
All criteria also have a NuGet package available, that we hope to soon use in a central EPiServer NuGet feed.

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